About Me

I am a “farm boy” at heart.  My wife Carey and four children own and operate a 30-acre grain crop farm that is located at the northwest corner in the Town of Grand Chute.  I also work locally in the fuel delivery industry.  

As a boy, our family grew up across the road from my grandfather’s Grand Chute farm.  Unfortunately, my grandfather died when I was still very young, and the farm had to be sold.  Later, however, I worked with the new owner while also attending Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC).  At FVTC, I earned two Associate of Science degrees, one in Agri-Business and one in Auto Technology.  

Included in my leadership experiences is my work with the Outagamie Drainage Board, where I have been a member since 2014.  Because of my agricultural background, I have been interested in drainage issues since I was a teen. I have experiential expertise in resolving drainage issues.  I was asked to serve on the Board because of my interest and background. 

This opportunity has been a tremendous learning experience for me.  As drainage board members, we make it a priority to personally visit with families and businesses about drainage issues and projects that will affect them.  I have found that when people are included in the problem-solving process, and we ‘listen and learn’ from them, projects have better results, funds are expended more efficiently, and people are typically very pleased with the outcomes.

This is the same “hands-on” approach I will practice as Grand Chute Chairperson.  “Experiencing Better” begins with leadership that listens to the people.  The main reason many lawsuits have been filed against Grand Chute (involving more than 60 individuals and entities), concerning dangerously high special assessments, is because long-time leaders are not interested in listening and working with people to find reasonable and fair resolutions; they have instead left residents no other option than a legal course of action.

Following is a summary of my background.

  •  Family:  Married to Carey (8 years); 4 children; Grand Chute resident since 1978.
  • Education: 
    Associate Degree – Automotive Technology – Fox Valley Technical College (1999)
    Associate Degree – Agri business – Fox Valley Technical College (2001)
  • Professional Career: I am an owner operator of a cash grain farm in the Town of Grand Chute (2000 – present).  I have also been working in the fuel delivery industry since 2005.
  • Leadership Positions:  Outagamie County Drainage Board (2014 – present).  Postsecondary Agricultural Students (PAS) State Vice President; Student Government Association Fox Valley Technical College Member at Large; Greenville Cooperative Board of Directors Nominating Committee Member.

    Grand Chute Town Chairperson, Grand Chute Licensing Committee member, Fox West Regional Sewerage Commission member, Joint Sanitary District President, Community Development Authority member.

Jason Van Eperen  for Grand Chute Chairperson
Paid for by Van Eperen for Grand Chute, Dave Van Eperen, Treasurer