I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jason Van Eperen as a member of the Outagamie County Drainage Board. Jason has always been respectful, diligent in finding positive solutions for all parties involved and consistent in following through with a thoughtful plan of action. It is obvious that he cares about the issues at hand and the people that they affect. Jason is motivated, reliable and a strong advocate for our community.

— Randy S. Tuma, Executive Director,
Bubolz Nature Preserve

Grand Chute is in need of more responsive action in addressing the needs and questions of their citizens which the current town chairman has failed to do.  As Chairman, I believe Jason will be that advocate for more productive action, open to positive communication and listen to the taxpayers he represents to resolve current and future town issues.  

Nancy Christensen,
Retired Outagamie County Clerk

I have known Jason VanEperen for several years. He has worked very hard on the Outagamie County Drainage Board to improve things in our area. He has studied the problem of drainage issues in Outagamie County, and has especially worked to improve things in the Town of Grand Chute. Jason is great at problem-solving and would be good at making sure the Town of Grand Chute is run smoothly.  He is easy to work with since he listens to other ideas and can discuss things calmly with other people. Jason is fiscally responsible and will not waste taxpayers’ money.  Jason would make a very good Chairperson for the Town of Grand Chute. He will work for the people, and keep the community safe and running smoothly. 

— Harlan Volkman,
Retired Chairman, Town of Osborn, Outagamie County

I have known Jason Van Eperen for almost 10 years.  He listens to the issues people have, and works to develop a solution that is best for everyone involved.  Jason would be a good town chairperson because he wants community involvement and works to resolve citizen issues before they become problems.

— Al Kramer Jr.,
President, Outagamie County Drainage Board

Jason Van Eperen  for Grand Chute Chairperson
Paid for by Van Eperen for Grand Chute, Dave Van Eperen, Treasurer